• The bike worked really well. I could be more aggressive on the brakes and overall just felt more confident. I am loving it. Got down to consistent times at Grattan, which is my personal best.
  • I just got my shocks and I'm thrilled with them. They made a real presentation out of everything. The box, the foil seal, the draw-string bag they were in, the adjusting wrenches. All too much! I must compliment YOU on your very professional and efficient handling of this whole transaction. Thank you very much!
  • Everything was great. Bike felt so much better after your changes. Thanks for all your help Joe.
    Patrick McCarty
  • Everything worked out great and I'm very happy with my new suspension.
    Dave Hixenbaugh
  • Joe has been a large help in my improvement as a road racer as well as general track rider. He knows what he's doing when installing or refreshing any suspension. One of the best things about working with Joe is that he thoroughly understands the mechanics behind a motorcycle and suspension. He has always answered any question I may have had about how the suspension is going to work, or how to make adjustments based on how my bike is riding. I wouldn't have improved as I've been able to without the knowledge from Joe.
    Zach Uithoven / WERA Expert
  • Plus 3-or-4 on recommending Joe at WM. He did my MD-250 Moriwaki - even needed custom springs because no one had stock ones for someone at my weight. Great prices and service. Nice guy and pretty darn fast on a bike also.
    Nick Goodman / Racer
  • The work you've done for me so far has just been new springs in forks, cleaning and refreshing forks and shock, and a very good initial adjustment to work with. It made a huge difference in the feel of the bike and I will be returning for any work I want done in the future!
    Marcus Brown / Trackdays
  • I took a bike that I had been riding for 8 years to a track that I was familiar with and lowered my lap times by 2 seconds per lap after having Joe work on the suspension. I credit the suspension work for my improvements. The bottom line is that knowing you have your suspension working properly gives you the confidence to work on going faster while staying safe. Along with setting up my suspension, Joe has provided tips on adjustments along the way.
    John Wheatley / Racer & Instructor
  • With leaky forks two weeks before my next track day, I was in need of service before I hit the track. I called Joe early the next day and told him my situation. Joe seemed very knowledgeable about all the components that went into the suspension and how it would benefit me. Without delay I dropped them off and no more than a few days later the forks were rebuilt and ready to go! Very fast service! Just in time for me to ride the next weekend. After setting the sag, in just the first few laps I felt a better connection with my front tire, inspiring confidence to drive into corners faster! Overall I'm very happy with Joe's service and will be doing business with him again. Thanks Joe!
    Jason Goodhand / Racer & Instructor